Our Terms

Regular weekly mowing helps a lawn resist weeds, insects and disease. Infrequent mowing causes too much grass to be removed at one time! Infrequently mowed grass also produces a lawn that looks thin, spotty or burned. As a general rule, we never cut more than one-third of the length of your grass at a time.

Lawn Mowing Includes:

Mow front & backyard with mulching mowers, we use both larger mowers for the wide-open areas of your lawn, and smaller push mowers to get at those harder to reach areas.

Trimming around driveway, sidewalk, fences, beds, trees, AC, and areas not accessible with backyard mower.

Blowing and cleanup of any grass clippings on the lawn, driveway or sidewalk.

Standard Lot:

Our standard rates are based on a lot size up to 1/3 of an acre or 15,000 total gross square feet before any improvements. If your lot is 1/2 of an acre or between 16,500 sq. ft. & 21,000, add $5. For lots over 21,000 sq. ft., or if you have multi-levels, steep areas call or click for an estimate:

Weekly mowing starts at $30

Bi-weekly mowing starts at $40

Fenced lots start at $40. (If we have to mow inside the fence)

Scheduling and Delays:

Quality Lawn Care will provide weekly service in a timely fashion on a regular schedule. We operate our mowing service on a route basis, starting at the top of our route list on Monday and working through the route until the end of the week, grouping customers together based on geographical location. Extra services will be performed as time allows, sometimes during the mowing visit, sometimes at the end of the week. When we miss a day, for any reason, we pick up where we left off. Scheduling delays will be updated on the website.

Mow Day & Time:

We work Monday through Friday. Our crews are in certain areas on certain days, so you will be assigned a specific mow day. The crew follows the same route every week, so you will notice they arrive about the same time each week. However, as we add customers, it may change, so we cannot guarantee a time of day. Our crews sometimes work until 7 PM, so if your yard is not mowed by 5 PM, do not worry.


We will mow in a light shower or after the rain subsides. If you think it is too wet to mow, please contact us to skip service. If it rains too heavily on your scheduled service day, your day will be rescheduled for the next day, if weather permitting. We cannot and do not mow in the rain.


Cleaning out your flower beds is not a part of the mowing service. We offer a separate Bush & Bed service.

Mowing Season:

Starts, first Week of May(or when the grass is starting to grow).Thru last week of October (or when the grass stops to grow)

Gates & Pets:

If you lock your gate, we must have access on your service day. Our crews are very careful about locking and closing gates, but we do not guarantee that a pet will not escape from the yard, Therefore, please have all pets locked up or inside on your scheduled service day.


You may want to skip a mowing for some reason (i.e. back yard project, rain, dry weather, etc.), if you are a weekly customer we allow 5 skips per season for weekly customers, & no skips for bi-weekly customers. If you contact us to skip a mow, be aware your original schedule will not be altered, so it will either be 1 or 2 weeks for the next mow.


You may cancel your service at any time, however, we ask that you provide us with 24 hour notice during business hours, no weekend cancellations for the following Monday. We hope that we can continue to earn your loyalty and that if you are dissatisfied you will give us a call and allow us the opportunity to resolve the problem. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality service. Because your lawn means more to us, our team of trained professionals will work until you are satisfied. However, if you decide to cancel, any unpaid balance will be due immediately.


Monthly Payment:

You pay as you go throughout the season, paying for services rendered from the prior month. Billing is done on the first week of the month; payments are due on the 25th. (Obviously, the first month’s billing may vary due to the day and week of the month you initially begin service) Each month billing cycle invoice includes mowing services from the first day of the month to the last day of the month. Please note that on weekly & bi-weekly services that some months will either have 3 or 5 services within a monthly service billing cycle for months with 5 weeks. Payment will always be due by the 25th of the month and late after the 30th of the month. There is a 10.00% late fee added to invoices for payments received after the 30th of each month.

We accept the following methods of payment: Check & Cash

All information provided to Quality Lawn Care will be kept secure and private. Quality Lawn Care NEVER shares any of your information with anyone.