Winter Services

Roof and deck snow removal

Residents should watch for falling snow and ice from their roofs, but should not attempt to access their roofs to try to clear the snow due to the safety concerns of slipping off the roof and exposure to electrical wires. Residents should clear the areas around downspouts and roof drains so that melting water has a path to flow away from the house. Residents should also clear snow and ice away from exhaust vents that go through the exterior walls. Decks can be cleared of snow to reduce the stress to these structures, although they are designed to support the snow load.

Gutter cleaning

Cleaning gutters is an easy job to put off, but the longer you wait the worse it can get. Thoroughly cleaning your gutters every spring and fall will help keep them working like they’re supposed to. Debris can build up and cause damage to your downspouts and cause water damage to your roof.

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